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Knowledge paths on maternal and child health-related topics present selections of recent, high quality resources and tools to learn more about the topic, conduct further research, locate training resources, develop programs, and stay abreast of new developments. Components of a knowledge path include links to Web sites, electronic publications, news and commentary, and databases. (Selection Criteria | Feedback Form)

If your topic is not here, please see the A-Z Index for additional resources.

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (6th ed., September 2010, Updated: August 2014)

Adolescent Violence Prevention (6th ed., September 2010, Updated: November 2014)

Asthma in Children and Adolescents (5th ed., February 2011, Updated: August 2014)

NEW!  Autism Spectrum Disorder (3rd ed., March 2014, Updated: August 2014)

NEW!  Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (8th ed., April 2014, Updated: August 2014)

Community Services Locator: An Online Directory for Finding Community Services for Children and Families (3rd ed., May 2012, Updated: August 2014)

Depression During and After Pregnancy (4th ed., July 2013, August 2014)

Diabetes in Children and Adolescents (3rd ed., December 2009, Updated: August 2014)

NEW!  Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) Services in Medicaid (4th ed., July 2014, Updated: August 2014)

Emotional, Behavioral, and Mental Health Challenges in Children and Adolescents (3rd ed., July 2011, Updated: August 2014)

NEW!  Health and Wellness for Adolescent Girls and Women with Mental and Behavioral Health Conditions (August 2014).

Health Insurance and Access to Care for Children and Adolescents (7th ed., October 2013, Updated: August 2014)

Infant Mortality and Pregnancy Loss (6th ed., November 2010, Updated: November 2014)

Intimate Partner Violence (4th ed., June 2013, Updated: August 2014)

Maternal Distress in the Perinatal Period and Child Outcomes (January 2013, Updated: August 2014)

Nutrition in Children and Adolescents (6th ed., September 2012, Updated: August 2014)

Overweight and Obesity in Children and Adolescents (4th ed., December 2012, Updated: August 2014)

Physical Activity and Children and Adolescents (5th ed., March 2010, Updated: August 2014)

Preconception and Pregnancy (3rd ed., January 2012, Updated: August 2014)

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health (6th ed., February 2013, Updated: August 2014)

Sleep in Infants, Children, Adolescents, and Pregnant Women (October 2011, Updated: August 2014)

Social and Emotional Development in Children and Adolescents (2nd ed., May 2011, Updated: August 2014)

Spanish-Language Health Resources (4th ed., September 2013, Updated: August 2014)

Please take a moment to give us feedback about our knowledge paths.