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Items in this list may be obtained from the sources cited. Contact information reflects the most current data about the source that has been provided to the MCH Library.

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Johnston S. n.d.. Moving mountains: A curriculum guide for spiritual and physical health for women of color. Boston, MA: Boston Healthy Start Initiative, ca. 125 pp.

Annotation: This teaching guide prepared for the Boston Healthy Start program focuses on minority women's health. It includes lessons on these topics: self esteem and body language; getting fit and keeping fit; pregnancy and childbirth; and the postpartum experience. Each section contains narrative content, activities, handouts, suggested reading lists, and resource lists (in English and in Spanish). [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]

Contact: Boston Healthy Start Initiative, 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, Second Floor, Boston, MA 02118, Telephone: (617) 534-5395 Secondary Telephone: (617) 534-9799 Fax: (617) 534-5358 E-mail: healthystart@bphc.org Available at no charge.

Keywords: Childbirth, Curricula, Exercise, Minority groups, Minority health, Nutrition, Postpartum, Postpartum care, Pregnancy, Puerperium, Self esteem, Spanish language materials, Spirituality, Women's health

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Forsyth-Stokes Mental Health Center. n.d.. Substance abuse screening tool. [No place]: Forsyth-Stokes Mental Health Center, 1 p.

Annotation: This screening tool lists questions for a pregnant woman about use of alcohol and drugs.

Contact: Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University, Box 571272, Washington, DC 20057-1272, Telephone: (202) 784-9770 Fax: (202) 784-9777 E-mail: mchgroup@georgetown.edu Web Site: http://www.mchlibrary.org Photocopy available at no charge.

Keywords: Pregnancy, Substance abuse, Substance abusing pregnant women

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Resource Center, Young Parents' Program; and Junior Service League of Grand Junction. n.d.. Pregnancy: It'll never happen to me. Grand Junction, CO: Resource Center, Young Parents' Program, 1 videotape (26 minutes, VHS 1/2 inch), 1 guide (75 pp.).

Annotation: This videotape and the corresponding teacher's guide are designed to be used with adolescents to encourage them to think about the impact that an adolescent pregnancy will have on their lives. The teacher's guide describes the course organization, includes lesson plans, and a glossary and list of resources. Topics covered include medical risks involved in pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, economic ramifications of adolescent pregnancy, the role of the adolescent father, adolescent development, and refusal skills.

Contact: Family First Child and Family Center, 2897 North Avenue , Grand Junction, CO 81501, Telephone: (970) 683-2634 E-mail: corpinfo@htop.org Web Site: http://www.htop.org/child/ff/ $43.95 includes shipping and handling.

Keywords: Adolescent development, Adolescent fathers, Adolescent pregnancy, Communication skills, Educational materials, Family economics, Intervention, Prevention programs, Resources for professionals, Risk factors

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March of Dimes. n.d.. Healthy babies: Chance or choice? A peer education approach. White Plains, NY: March of Dimes, 48 pp.

Annotation: This volume presents a joint project of the March of Dimes and the Future Homemakers of America, which trains adolescent to provide peer education to other adolescents on the subject of preventing birth defects. It discusses reports from peer educators, the problem of birth defects, facts about preventable problems and project possibilities, suggestions for getting started, communication techniques, and a list of do's and don'ts. The volume is illustrated with photographs and drawings.

Keywords: Adolescent parents, Adolescent pregnancy, Communication, Congenital abnormalities, Peer education

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New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. n.d.. Mary's choice. Albany, NY: New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, 1 videotape (VHS, 1/2 inch), 1 brochures (7 pp.).

Annotation: This video is designed for adolescents of childbearing age to encourage them to have prenatal care and healthy lifestyles so they can prevent their children from having developmental disabilities. It is also designed to give young people the chance to discuss alternatives to risk taking behaviors. The video is accompanied by a brief teaching guide that provides some background information, synopsis of the video, key points and objectives to be learned, and some discussion questions and activities. The video and teaching guide are also available in Spanish language versions.

Contact: New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, 155 Washington Avenue, Second Floor, Albany, NY 12210, Telephone: (800) 395-3372 Secondary Telephone: (518) 486-7505 Fax: (518) 402-3505 E-mail: ddpc@ddpc.state.ny.us Web Site: http://www.ddpc.state.ny.us/ Price unknown.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Alcohol education, Audiovisual materials, Developmental disabilities, Prevention programs, Risk taking, Spanish language materials, Substance abuse, Training materials, Videotapes

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Michigan Department of Health. n.d.. Referral guidelines: 1 800 26 BIRTH. Lansing, MI: Michigan Department of Health, 1 p.

Annotation: This document contains guidelines for a prenatal telephone hotline. The Emergency Telephone Service/Specialized for Prenatal Care (ETS/SPC) hotline provides for screening and assessment of all callers to determine appropriate public health department clinics for callers requiring prenatal care.

Keywords: High risk pregnancy, Medicaid, Prenatal care, Public health programs, State MCH programs

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Metzger C. n.d.. Eating smart. La Crosse, WI: La Crosse Lutheran Hospital, 24 pp.

Annotation: This booklet written for pregnant adolescents discusses the kinds and amounts of foods an adolescent needs on order to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Weight gain and common problems are reviewed including anemia, morning sickness, constipation, and heartburn.

Contact: Gunderson Lutheran, 1910 South Avenue, La Crosse, WI 54601, Telephone: (608) 782-7300 Secondary Telephone: (800) 362-9567 E-mail: info@gundluth.org Web Site: http://www.gundluth.org/ Price unknown.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Maternal nutrition

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American Academy of Pediatrics. n.d.. Making the right choice: Facts young people need to know about avoiding pregnancy. Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics, 1 p. (Teen health brochures)

Annotation: This brochure offers advice to adolescents on how to postpone sex and avoid pregnancy.

Contact: American Academy of Pediatrics, 141 Northwest Point Boulevard, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-1098, Telephone: (847) 434-4000 Fax: (847) 434-8000 Web Site: http://www.aap.org $15.00 per 100 copies, members; $20.00, nonmembers. Minimum order: 100 copies.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Sexuality education

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Petersen AC, Crockett L. n.d.. Adolescent sexuality, pregnancy, and childrearing: Developmental perspectives. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University, 25 pp.

Annotation: This paper reviews demographic trends in patterns of adolescent sexual activity, pregnancy and childbearing, and discusses several developmental factors that may have an impact on these trends. Factors discussed include biological influences, results of prepubertal sexual abuse, engaging in deviant or problem behavior, and normative expectations.

Contact: Pennsylvania State University, College of Health and Human Development , 201 Henderson Building, University Park, PA 16802-6501, Telephone: (814) 865-1428 Fax: (814) 865-3282 E-mail: healthhd@psu.edu Web Site: http://www.hhdev.psu.edu/ Available at no charge.

Keywords: Adolescent parents, Adolescent pregnancy, Adolescent sexuality

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Aultman Hospital. n.d.. Diabetes in pregnancy. Canton, OH: Aultman Hospital, 1 videotape.

Annotation: This three-part educational videotape is designed for use as a supplemental teaching tool for pregnant women with insulin-dependent, noninsulin-dependent, or gestational diabetes. Topics covered include: good control of diabetes, appropriate blood sugar levels to attain during the day, labor and delivery, and birth control and planning future pregnancies. The association between good control and successful outcome of pregnancy is emphasized. The treatment and prevention of complications that may occur in the newborn are discussed.

Contact: Aultman Hospital, 2600 Sixth Street, S.W., Canton, OH 44710, Telephone: (330) 452-9911 Web Site: http://www.aultman.com/ $17.75; make checks payable to Aultman Hospital.

Keywords: Audiovisual materials, Diabetes mellitus, Gestational diabetes, Maternal health, Pregnancy, Videotapes



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