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Items in this list may be obtained from the sources cited. Contact information reflects the most current data about the source that has been provided to the MCH Library.

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Healthy Start for Essex County. n.d.. FRC's client satisfaction survey for maternity services. Trenton, NJ: Healthy Start for Essex County, 3 pp.

Annotation: This survey form provides an opportunity for clients to express their satisfaction level with services of the Healthy Start program. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]

Keywords: Consumer satisfaction, Healthy Start, Infant mortality, New Jersey, Prenatal care, Prevention programs, Questionnaires

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Massachusetts Department of Public Health. n.d.. Violence prevention initiatives. Boston, MA: Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 5 pp.

Annotation: This directory lists violence prevention initiatives of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. These include injury control, women's health, adolescent violence, school health, early intervention services, and statistical surveillance. Each of the 15 programs is described briefly and a contact person is listed, with telephone number.

Contact: Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 250 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02108, Telephone: (617) 624-6000 Secondary Telephone: (617) 624-6001 Web Site: http://www.mass.gov/dph/

Keywords: Massachusetts, State programs, Violence prevention

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Smith DR, Cohen J, Lautman B. n.d.. Child's play: A study of 266 unintentional handgun shootings of children. Washington, DC: Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, 6 pp.

Contact: Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, 1225 Eye Street, N.W., Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005, Telephone: (202) 289-7319 Fax: (202) 408-1851 Web Site: http://www.bradycenter.org

Keywords: Children, Data, Firearms, Handguns, Injury prevention, Mortality, Surveys, Unintentional injuries

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Oregon State Health Division, Department of Human Resources, Immunization Unit. n.d.. Immunization: Protection for every child. Portland, OR: Oregon State Health Division, Immunization Unit, 5 pp.

Annotation: This kit, given at Oregon hospitals to all new parents at the time of birth of their baby, provides information about the importance of immunizations for children, the diseases that they are designed to prevent, and the recommended vaccination schedule. The kit includes a folder, a booklet, a card for recording the immunizations, and two forms for ordering birth certificates and other vital records.

Keywords: Child health, Disease prevention, Immunization, Medical records, Young children

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Resource Center, Young Parents' Program; and Junior Service League of Grand Junction. n.d.. Pregnancy: It'll never happen to me. Grand Junction, CO: Resource Center, Young Parents' Program, 1 videotape (26 minutes, VHS 1/2 inch), 1 guide (75 pp.).

Annotation: This videotape and the corresponding teacher's guide are designed to be used with adolescents to encourage them to think about the impact that an adolescent pregnancy will have on their lives. The teacher's guide describes the course organization, includes lesson plans, and a glossary and list of resources. Topics covered include medical risks involved in pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, economic ramifications of adolescent pregnancy, the role of the adolescent father, adolescent development, and refusal skills.

Contact: Family First Child and Family Center, 2897 North Avenue , Grand Junction, CO 81501, Telephone: (970) 683-2634 E-mail: corpinfo@htop.org Web Site: http://www.htop.org/child/ff/ $43.95 includes shipping and handling.

Keywords: Adolescent development, Adolescent fathers, Adolescent pregnancy, Communication skills, Educational materials, Family economics, Intervention, Prevention programs, Resources for professionals, Risk factors

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National AIDS Exhibit Consortium. n.d.. National AIDS Exhibit Consortium: Working together to promote understanding. Chicago, IL: Museum of Science and Industry, 4 pp.

Annotation: This brochure describes the National AIDS Exhibit Consortium (NAEC), a partnership of eight public science museums working together with the American Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control to research, develop, and display HIV/AIDS education exhibits in their own institutions and in science museums around the country. The participating museums are: Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts, California Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles, California; Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois; Exploratorium, San Francisco, California; Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; National Museum of Health and Medicine, Washington, DC; and New York Hall of Science, New York, New York. Current activities of the NAEC include the development of a traveling exhibit which will contain three interactive computer programs, HIV testing demonstrations, educational materials for students and teachers, host museum staff training, and exhibit brochures. Future activities include the professional evaluation of the exhibits and the implementation of an outreach program to expand the audience for museum-based exhibits.

Contact: Museum of Science and Industry, Department of Science, 57th Street and Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60637, Telephone: (773) 684-1414 E-mail: contact@msichicago.org Available at no charge.

Keywords: AIDS, Adolescents, Educational programs, HIV, Prevention, School age children

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Northern Kentucky District Health Department. n.d.. Lead handouts. Newport, KY: Northern Kentucky District Health Department, 5 pp.

Annotation: This series of fact sheets for consumers discusses various aspects of lead poisoning prevention and treatment in children. Lead Poisoning in Children: A Community Problem explains the symptoms of lead poisoning, sources of lead, and what to do about lead poisoning. Lead Poisoning Diet discusses the importance of eating a diet adequate in iron and calcium and low in fat. Pica discusses the importance of high-iron and high-calcium snacks for children who have elevated blood lead levels or who practice pica.

Contact: Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department, 610 Medical Village Drive, Edgewood, KY 41017, Telephone: (859) 341-4264 Fax: (859) 341-4264 Web Site: http://www.nkyhealth.org/mx/hm.asp?id=home Available at no charge.

Keywords: Lead poisoning, Nutrition, Prevention, Treatment

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New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. n.d.. Mary's choice. Albany, NY: New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, 1 videotape (VHS, 1/2 inch), 1 brochures (7 pp.).

Annotation: This video is designed for adolescents of childbearing age to encourage them to have prenatal care and healthy lifestyles so they can prevent their children from having developmental disabilities. It is also designed to give young people the chance to discuss alternatives to risk taking behaviors. The video is accompanied by a brief teaching guide that provides some background information, synopsis of the video, key points and objectives to be learned, and some discussion questions and activities. The video and teaching guide are also available in Spanish language versions.

Contact: New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, 155 Washington Avenue, Second Floor, Albany, NY 12210, Telephone: (800) 395-3372 Secondary Telephone: (518) 486-7505 Fax: (518) 402-3505 E-mail: ddpc@ddpc.state.ny.us Web Site: http://www.ddpc.state.ny.us/ Price unknown.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, Alcohol education, Audiovisual materials, Developmental disabilities, Prevention programs, Risk taking, Spanish language materials, Substance abuse, Training materials, Videotapes

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Food Marketing Institute, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and Gerber Products Company. n.d.. Baby safety shower: How-to kit. Washington, DC: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 35 pp., 6 brochures.

Annotation: This information package includes a planning guide with step-by-step instructions for hosting a baby safety shower in the neighborhood or community. The package also includes ideas for help in developing working safety partnerships with representatives of government, business, and professional organizations. Two items in the package are in Spanish and English.

Contact: Consumer Product Safety Commission, 4330 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814, Telephone: (301) 504-7923 Secondary Telephone: (800) 638-2772 Contact Phone: (800) 504-0580 Fax: (301) 504-0124 E-mail: info@cpsc.gov Web Site: http://www.cpsc.gov Price unknown.

Keywords: Child safety, Household safety, Infants, Injury prevention, Parent education programs, Spanish language materials, Unintentional injuries

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Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Division of Family Health Services. n.d.. SCIPP: Statewide comprehensive injury prevention program. Boston, MA: Massachusetts Department of Public Health,

Annotation: This former SPRANS grantee earmarked injury in Massachusetts and aimed to help state agencies to integrate injury prevention in ongoing state services. SCIPP developed an educational package containing five clusters for prevention activities; the entire package is entitled SAFESTATE. Cluster subjects are SAFEHOME, SAFECHILD, SAFE DAYCARE, SAFESCHOOL and SAFETEEN. Each kit contains administrative and programmatic materials, a leader's guide, suggested training, intervention ideas, and a variety of resource listings. Other products have included pamphlets, flyers on topics such as automobile child restraints and safety and residential tips.

Contact: Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Injury Prevention and Control Program, 250 Washington Street, Fourth Floor, Boston, MA 02108, Telephone: (617) 624-5413 Contact Phone: (617) 727-1246 E-mail: cindy.rogers@state.ma.us Web Site: http://www.mass.gov/?pageID=eohhs2terminal&L=5&L0=Home&L1=Government&L2=Departments+and+Divisions&L3=Department+of+Public+Health&L4=Programs+and+Services+A+-+J&sid=Eeohhs2&b=terminalcontent&f=dph_com_health_injury_g_ipcp_about&csid=Eeohhs2 Price unknown.

Keywords: Adolescents, Advocacy, Child care, Children, Curricula, Data, Education, Evaluation, Injury prevention, Massachusetts, Population surveillance, Program development, Residential injuries, Resources for professionals, Schools, State programs



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